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Israeli Fashion: A unique view of Israel

Fashion in Israel? Is that even a thing?? You bet it is!!!

Though being relatively small, it is well-regarded internationally and has been getting a lot of attention in recent years. Many Israeli fashion designers have gained international recognition and have been featured in major fashion events and shows around the world.

Tel Aviv has been called the “next hot destination” for fashion in a few international magazines and Israeli designers are being asked to present their collections at leading fashion shows, including New York’s and Paris fashion week.

Why is it so unique?

Israeli fashion is known for its blending of traditional and contemporary styles, as well as its use of high-quality fabrics and unique textiles. The country's diverse cultural influences can be seen in the designs, which often incorporate elements of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and European fashion.

Israeli fashion has also lately been known for its emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly production. Many local designers use natural and organic materials and mostly manufacture locally to prioritize fair labor practices.

Israeli fashion designers are also known for their innovation and creativity. They are known to use new technology and materials to create new fashion styles and designs, such as 3D printing, innovative textile production etc.

As being a blend of tradition and innovation, unique and diversity, the story of Israeli Fashion is in my eyes the story of Israel. This is why I have decided to create unique Israeli Fashion experience, in which I introduce a piece of Israeli fashion through authentic and exceptional informal encounters with world-renowned, emerging, and under-the-radar Israeli designers.

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been passionate about fashion. Five years ago, I decided to follow my dream, started studying at ‘Shenkar,’ Israel’s leading fashion school, and began working as a personal stylist. Less than a year later, I took another course in Marangoni Milano fashion school, to enrich my knowledge in the styling profession, the fashion world and the so interesting fashion history.

With almost twenty years of professional experience in the travel industry, and lots of travelling abroad, I figured out that I want to share my passion for Israeli Fashion with the tourists, as a part of telling the story of Israel.

My Israeli Fashion tours are designed to give the participants an in-depth look at the Israeli fashion scene and provide opportunities to discover new designers and brands.


I believe fashion is about personal experiences. So I believe in creating encounters that celebrate the Israeli fashion scene through meeting people, hearing their stories and being introduced to their passion.

If you wish to hear more about the story of Israeli Fashion and to meet the local passionate designers, I invite you to attend one of my tours.

Hope to see you soon in Tel Aviv,


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