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Fashion Tours in Israel


Fashion in Israel? Is that even a thing?  You bet it is! 

When it comes to the fashion world, Israel is alive and flourishing, and I want to introduce you to it.

I’m excited to offer you a diverse array of authentic and exceptional informal encounters
with world-renowned, emerging, and under-the-radar Israeli designers.

How? I know fashion is about personal experiences. So, let's create ones that celebrate
the Israeli fashion scene through meeting interesting people, hearing their stories and
being introduced to their real passion. I’m also able to craft unique shopping experiences where you can buy directly from the newest collections and limited editions or even order custom-made garments from the designers.

Our tour is approximately 3 hours and it takes place in the spectacular neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv. During the tour you will get to learn a brief history of Israeli Fashion: where it came from and where it is today, visit 3-4 boutiques and show rooms, meet the designers who will share their unique stories, answer questions and allow time for shopping.

If you wish to design your special ‘tailor-made’ experience, request more details or schedule a tour please contact me.

Hope to see you soon in Tel Aviv


Rachel B.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful tour. I really enjoyed all of your knowledge and your company. It was so great to see the different stores and meet the designers. What a treat!  All my best to you!! 🙏🏻💕

Merav Shami Styling

Keren H.

"I must admit that when organizing the trip, we were trying to avoid a styling tour that is just shopping (not that there is anything wrong about shopping ☺️), we wanted a tour with an added value about Israeli fashion. This tour touched all aspects of the fashion and styling industry in Israel and how it relates to society today. They met with the founder of Comme il Faut , with rising stars in the Israeli fashion industry and with a great stylist Meravi. The 'Barbie wants to be me' tote bags were a huge success, and we are looking forward to the next time! Thank you!"

Merav Shami Styling

Lisa E.

The fashion tour with Merav was wonderful! It was a highlight of our trip. Not only is Merav knowledgeable, but she customized the tour to engage and satisfy clients. I loved the boutiques we went to and learning about the business owners and designers of Tel Aviv.

Lisa E..jpeg

Lori K.

"Thanks for the tour on Friday. It was really fun and I know everyone enjoyed it. You picked some great designers and very "happening" parts of town. We definitely got exposed to stores we wouldn't have discovered on our own".

Merav Shami Styling
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